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Cacti Mama

Huachuma Cactus Cutting | ΔFLORA Drops

Huachuma Cactus Cutting | ΔFLORA Drops

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Last cut of the season before the cacti go to sleep for winter! Each cactus is a 10-12" cut from the same mother, Trichocereus Riomizquensis. Cacti Mama is a small cactus garden in San Diego. Learn how to plant and grow cactus with our resident expert and plant care instructions provided.

This is the 2nd cactus drop from Cacti Mama. Cacti Mama drops are progressive; drop 1 was rooted seedlings. Get 1 of only 20 individual cuts from 1 cactus that CactiMama has been growing for years - each cut size is 10-12". It goes great with our large bubble planter + 50/50 zen soil and pummice blend.

By purchasing a plant from our ΔFLORA Drops farmers, you lock in first access to future grow to earn and grow to learn experiences 👀


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